Rich Galen

Not Patrick Fitzgerald. He should change his name to Patrick Giuliani. He sent the FBI to the Dem Gov's mansion at 6 o'clock in the morning and brought him out in handcuffs.

The judge, recognizing that a Democratic Governor named Bklxybzni#07vich was not much of a flight risk, set bond at zero and let him go. If D. Gov. B. doesn't show up he'll have to pay $4,500 although it is not clear to me how the government intends to collect the $4,500 if D. Gov. B. takes it on the lam.

Let's do a little survey of where in their stories certain well-known press outlets mentioned that Gov. B. is a DEMOCRAT:

-- Home Town Paper Chicago Tribune - 5th graf.

-- Associated Press - 4th graf.

-- New York Times - 2nd graf.

-- Washington Post - never. Not once. In a 2,500 word story the Washington Post never thought it might be important, interesting, or even amusing to note that Gov. B is a Democrat.

If Govenor Blutarsky had been a Republican that fact would have appeared in the headline

"GOP Governor Accused of Selling Senate Seat and Crimes Against Humanity"

And the lead paragraph would have been something on the other of: "Republican Governor Rod Blagojevich, close friend of President George W. Bush and a featured speaker at the Republican National Convention was this morning frog-marched out of the Governor's mansion …" Bail would have been set at $39 billion payable to GM, Ford and Chrysler.

Rich Galen

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