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According to my mapping program, the distance from Seattle to Detroit is a little over 2,300 miles and the trip, by car, takes about 40 hours.

As 40 hours happens to be the length of the average work week, Mr. Mulally would do nothing but drive from his house to his office and back every two weeks for the $21 million he made in 2007 were it not for his private jet.

Dear Mr. Mullings, what happened to that Socratic question-and-answer thing you were doing earlier?

Don't bother me now. I'm on a roll.

According to published reports, the average United Auto Worker union member makes about $73 per hour. How much does Mr. Mullaly make per hour? Let's do the math.

Forty hours a week times 52 weeks (ignoring vacation and holidays) = 2080 hours. If we divide 21 million by 2080 we come up with a bit over $10,000 per hour.

Ten. Thousand. Dollars. Per. Hour.

And there's nothing to indicate he can hit major league pitching.

You might think the CEOs of the three majors would be willing to take a little haircut on their salaries after getting out of their private jets and into their private limos on their way to plead for you and me to provide then $25 billion to make up for their dreadful decisions.


According to

"Representative Peter Roskam, an Illinois Republican, challenged [GM CEO Rick] Wagoner and Mulally to forgo pay for a year, saying he understood Nardelli was agreeable to the idea."

Wagoner said he had "no position on that." And Mulally said "I think I'm OK where I am."

Well, hell. If I were making 10 grand AN HOUR I'd be "OK where I am," too.

You think Wagoner hasn't thought about taking a smallish pay cut to show how serious he is about helping his company through this rough patch? Of course he did and apparently decided against it.

He lied to the committee. He had a position and his position was: I'm not giving up a dime.

Ok. For next time, come up with a public relations plan to bail these idiots out of the swamp they've put themselves in.

Class dismissed.

Rich Galen

Rich Galen has been a press secretary to Dan Quayle and Newt Gingrich. Rich Galen currently works as a journalist and writes at