Rich Galen

In 2007 no one would have believed that Ohio was going to be seriously contested in the Presidential race. The GOP was so far down, that it was pretty much off the board as a battleground state. In 2008, not only is Ohio in play, but McCain has a slight lead.

Oh, and by the way, Gov. Sarah Palin was at Marietta College, Marietta, Ohio 45750 yesterday. She was greeted by, according to reporting by Melissa Walther in the Marietta Register, a "pumped up" crowd "of more than 2,000" at the field house on the campus.

Two thousand people in Canton or Columbus, Ohio is one thing. Two thousand people in Marietta is something else, again.

I don't believe I'm breaching a confidence by relaying this from McInturff's e-mail:

In our internal numbers, there has been positive movement on voters seeing Obama as the "risky choice" and as McCain as the candidate who "will keep taxes low." As a pollster, this means there is a shift on the attributes that helps provide an understanding of what is causing the ballot to tighten.

I am certainly not predicting a McCain victory on Tuesday. But neither should the press corps be predicting an Obama victory on Tuesday.

There may be upwards of 130 million Americans voting in this election (not counting Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto and all the other cartoon characters registered by ACORN). That may be 10 million or more than voted in 2004 - the previous high turnout.

As we head into the final stretch, make certain you are one of them.

Rich Galen

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