Rich Galen

And how did the Democratic Party treat Colin Powell when, say, Bill Clinton was President? PBS quotes Dick Morris on the relationship between Clinton and Powell prior to the 1996 re-election campaign as follows:

"Clinton was apoplectic on the subject of Colin Powell, terrified of Colin Powell. For three months, all he could think about was Colin Powell. And he would talk about the press giving Powell a free ride, that the press is promoting Powell's candidacy."

Was the party ideology claim challenged by Tom Brokaw? No. Of course not, because NBC and a significant proportion of the main stream media believes it to be true.

NBC will "win" this week's Sunday Talk Show Sweepstakes. In fact on both ABC's "This Week" and Fox's "Fox News Sunday" George Stephanopoulos and Chris Wallace brought up Powell's endorsement on their shows. It will certainly be on the front page of the Times, the Post and every other newspaper this morning.

When Tim Russert hosted the show, he was tough on every guest - Republican or Democrat. The new "Meet the Press" is an FEC investigation waiting to happen.

Rich Galen

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