Rich Galen

Despite the fact that Ford is now 66 and Karen Allen is now 57 they still look pretty good. Cate Blanchette is 11. No, she's the age Harrison Ford was in the first "Indy" film: 39.

KOCS is set in 1957 and the bad guys (or gals) are Russian Commies, not German Nazis. To make certain there is no confusion, Spielberg has Elvis Presley's "Hound Dog" playing under the opening credits and first scenes - clearly a post-WWII song.

I have a hard time staying awake for the entirety of a two-hour movie at a theater. The Lad once said, "Let me get this straight: You are in a comfortable chair, in the largest living room in the world, in the dark, watching the equivalent of a gigantic TV set, having eaten a pound of popcorn during the previews, and you fall asleep? I'm shocked."

These kids today, huh?

I did my "first day showing" trick with the last Harry Potter movie. When I watched the DVD several months later, I was surprised at how much of it I had missed.

I didn't miss a single frame of KOCS.

If you like car chases you will love this movie. If you love close-escape after close-escape you will love this movie. If you love people who get dunked into rivers, lakes and wells then show up in the next scene, 25 seconds later in the story, completely dry you will REALLY love this movie.

If you are torn between this movie or "Sex in the City," you may not want to spend the eight bucks.

I, on the other hand, may go see it again.

Rich Galen

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