Rich Galen

According to the Washington Post's Chris Cillizza, Wicker "had held the district easily since 1994 -- never winning reelection with less than 63 percent of the vote."

This was the third special election the GOP has lost in Districts which had been held by Republicans.

I ran into the brilliant national political reporter for USA Today, Susan Page, yesterday and she asked if this was a "wake up call" for the House Republican Leadership." I was cranky and I said, "A wake up call is one thing. After you are awakened, you have to have some idea of what you're supposed to be doing that day."

As I am certain we were off the record, I am not concerned that I will be deemed disloyal, to use the AP construct.

Quote of the Day:

Following the announcement that the California Supreme Court ruled that Gay Marriage was legal in that state, the San Jose Mercury News had this quote on its website:

"I was blown away," said Merrie Schaller, co-chair of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Alliance of Santa Cruz."

I … I can't top that.

Rich Galen

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