Rich Galen

Maybe the crowd was warned not to cheer or boo or clap or breathe, but the silence which greeted that move was as loud as anything we've heard this very noisy month.

Also, if Hillary had any sense of humor at all (which, by all accounts she does not) when the discussion inevitably got to the issue of whether Obama has enough experience to be President, Hillary should have said: I know Bill Clinton, Bill Clinton is a friend of mine. You, Senator, are no Bill Clinton.

New Topic II:

I was watching the History Channel last night. The History Channel has a regular program called: "Modern Marvels." Why the History Channel runs a program named "Modern Marvels" is beyond me.

But, wait! There's more! Last night the program on "Modern Marvels" was: "Pirate Tech" with this description: "Pirates use firearms, swords and navigational equipment." It was a program about real, 17th century, Caribbean, Spanish Main pirates.

The History Channel had a program called "Modern Marvels" about 17th century pirates.

I have enough trouble trying to remember which way time runs in real life. This was almost too existential to contemplate.

'Course, I watched the whole thing…

Rich Galen

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