Rich Galen

FEBRUARY 19, 2008:
Hawaii - Presidential Caucuses
Washington - GOP Presidential Primary
Wisconsin - Presidential Primary

Those of us who, because we got our lunch money stolen from us every day in high school, watch the Discover Channel with regularity know that to launch an object into Earth orbit it has to reach a speed of at least 17,500 miles per hour.

If an object only gets to 17,450 miles per hour it will get close, but it will be nothing more than a really high ballistic missile which falls back to Earth.

It is rare when there is not an incumbent running for re-nomination for anyone to have an absolute majority of delegates to the national convention after Super Tuesday.

What often happens is one candidate is on a 17,500 mile-per-hour trajectory toward the nomination and everyone else drops off so as not to be seen as the spoiled sport.

John McCain will raise millions of dollars over the next few days and will be able to fund a reasonable shot at the February 5 states.

Assuming Ann Romney has given the checkbook back to Mitt, he will be in a position to run in each of the 20+ states on February 5.

The question on February 6 will be: Has anyone achieved orbital velocity?

Rich Galen

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