Rich Galen

As I have described before, it is like corporate earnings reports on CNBC: If a company posts a profit of $1.62 a share for the previous quarter they have clearly shown a profit. If, however, "the Street" thought that company should have posted a profit of $1.64 a share, then it will be reported that the company had a bad quarter.

Moving forward on the GOP side, Florida will be the first full test of the Rudy Giuliani campaign. He stuck his toe into the chilly waters of both Iowa and New Hampshire, but his general strategy has been to make a splash in the warmer waves in Florida.

McCain is fully engaged there as well, but it is not clear as to whether Huckabee, Romney or Thompson will compete in Florida.

An excellent case can be made to allow McCain and Giuliani to duke it out in Florida there at the cost of millions of dollars (which might well bankrupt the loser) while the other campaigns look to Super Tuesday on February 5 and attempt to pick off potential wins among the two-score states which will be in play on that day.

Rich Galen

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