Rich Galen

A comment which went largely unnoticed. Can you imagine the outrage - the legitimate outrage - if a political science professor from, say, the University of South Carolina had said that the Nevada caucuses marked the "beginning of the rye bread and salsa phase" of the process?

All the crankiness aside, the Culinary Union endorsement means a lot to Obama and should propel him to a win there. If that happens, Obama will come into South Carolina next Saturday with wins in "white bread and mayonnaise" Iowa as well as "rye bread and salsa" Nevada.

As we've suggested before, nearly half the votes in the Democratic primary here are expected to be cast by African-Americans. If those voters are convinced that Obama's candidacy has support across both a wide geographical and a wide racial cross-section of the Party, then the Clinton campaign's "inevitability" crusade may well suffer another - perhaps fatal - blow.

On the Republican side, only Mitt Romney is seriously contending in Nevada. The state GOP spokesman, again according to the Lawrence piece, reminds us that the Dems have an additional week between Michigan and South Carolina. Because "It takes an entire day to fly across the country and back" Romney has apparently decided to leave South Carolina to its own devices and declare victory in Nevada on Saturday.

Place yer bets!

Rich Galen

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