Rich Galen

Thus calling the Obama campaign "irresponsible."

The State newspaper in Columbia, SC analyzed the whole thing thus: Obama has gotten under the skin of the Clintons by painting Hillary Clinton as a calculating politician whose election would take the country back to the bitterly partisan years of the 1990s.

The Clinton team mostly ignored Obama's digs in the early months of the campaign. But, as Obama moved closer to what became a resounding victory in the Iowa caucuses, Clinton and her supporters began to attack Obama.

Neither Obama nor Edwards are competing in Michigan because of sanctions put on that state by the DNC for moving its primary up too early, so Hillary will win there to no great effect.

However, both Hillary and Barack are competing in Nevada whose caucuses will be held this Saturday (the same day as the Republican primary in South Carolina. Democrats are a week later in the Palmetto State).

Thus the two candidates may well come into South Carolina for the election on January 26th tied in terms of wins and losses, if not in actual delegates.

There is nothing in the history of Clintonian campaigns which would lead anyone to believe Bill and Hillary will try to "out-nice" Obama.

They will use every tool they can get their hands on and give those tools to as many people as they can cajole, bully, plead with, wheedle, or threaten to get their hands as dirty as necessary in the process of trying to destroy Obama while the Clintons pretend to be above the fray and are photographed holding hands, gently sailing into the sunset down the River of Victory.

So, what if neither Obama nor Clinton has a clear path to the nomination three weeks from tomorrow on February 5?

What If, indeed!

Rich Galen

Rich Galen has been a press secretary to Dan Quayle and Newt Gingrich. Rich Galen currently works as a journalist and writes at