Rich Galen

* Obama understands he needs to beat expectations in Iowa or the only thing standing between Hillary and the nomination will be Bert Parks singing "Here she is, Ms. America."

* It is not outside the realm of possibility that it was anti-Hillary forces within the Democratic party which have been spreading gossip about Obama with the specific purpose of putting the Clinton campaign on the defensive.

* Just as it is possible that allies of the Romney campaign have been making those anti-Mormon push-poll phone calls in Iowa and New Hampshire specifically to create this syllogism:

-- A push-poll speaking ill of Mormons is a bad thing.

-- Mitt Romney is a Mormon.

-- Ergo, speaking ill of Mitt Romney is a bad thing.

* Politics at this level is not for the faint of heart.

* Let's get back to the Democrats eating their own: Last week, after a dreadful debate performance, Hillary's campaign allowed as how it was all those mean boys ganging up on the only girl.

* To my finely tuned ear for conspiracy, it appears that Obama campaign is tacitly alleging the White Clintons are spreading rumors about the only Black candidate in the campaign, thus feeding into the worst of any remaining racial biases in American politics.

* Robert Novak is known to have been incorrect in his analysis of the facts before him; but no one in this town has ever shown him to have invented an item.

* Someone fed Novak that business about the Clintons having dirt on Obama. Novak has proven he won't give up a source, but it bears public discussion as to which campaign is helped and which is hurt by such blind allegations.

* And you thought a thirty-second negative ad was the worst the system had to offer.

Rich Galen

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