Rich Galen

More importantly, the House version stripped a provision which it passed only this past August which, according to Reuters Authorized the National Security Agency to intercept without a court order communications between people in the United States and foreign targets overseas.

The bill adopted last night requires the government to get FISA Court authority to intercept communications from terrorists who might be plotting with a sleeper cell in the US.

It also forbids one agency from sharing intel with another agency if it comes across potential terrorist activity "inadvertently."

Good ideas, huh?

The President will veto a bill with the provisions the Democrats adopted yesterday. There will be another face-down in February, the President will win because the Democrats - having given MoveOn and the ACLU all the ammunition they need to fund raise from hard-core Liberals - will put aside political ambition and vote to protect America.

That would be a good idea.

Rich Galen

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