Rich Galen

* The Clinton campaign understands the damage which was done to her during the debate. They held a conference call with fundraisers, a breakfast with other supporters, and put out statements in an effort, according to The Hill newspaper to "apparently to stop whatever bleeding the senator might have sustained during a debate in which Clinton wore a bull's-eye on her back throughout the evening."

* Over the past few months, Hillary Clinton has built a 20+ percentage point lead over her nearest rival Barack Obama and a 30 point lead over John Edwards.

* For his part, according to the MSNBC website, Obama is trying to have it both ways as well.

Advisers to Obama told NBC News that Obama reviewed tapes of Bill Clinton's debate performances in his victorious 1992 campaign for clues to how to ratchet up his attacks on [Hillary Clinton] without sacrificing his likeability.

* Maybe he deserves to be stuck at 20% in the national polls.

* The Iowa Caucuses will be held on January 3, meaning we are only eight weeks away and Hillary's rivals have a make a move and make a move quickly.

* Hillary gave them the opening they have been looking for when she stumbled, mumbled and then crumbled during the debate.

* The Clinton campaign is going to have to decide - and quickly - whether they want to present her as a strong person, or a victimized woman.

* Like Hillary's debate answers, they can't have it both ways.

Rich Galen

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