Rich Galen

On the Road

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

* Ok. Here's the deal on the Democratic side.

* Hillary Clinton is not only holding onto a nearly 20 point lead in the Real Clear Politics website poll average, but she announced that she had raised about $22 million for the third quarter while Barack Obama - who had kicked Hillary's enormous (nevermind)- had raised about $20 million.

* This is the first time this year that Obama's campaign had fallen behind the Hillary Clinton campaign in fundraising.

* The Barack Obama campaign has been trading on the (a) total amount raise and (b) the number of donors to offset the fact that Hillary has been leading in the national polls since about 1937.

* The polls show Hillary is leading Barack by something on the order of 40% - 20% as an average of the national data.

* We have talked here before that even Democrats understand that we are a nation under attack and don't trust Obama to protect us which is why he is stuck at about 21% of the Dem vote.

* Now that Hillary has beaten Obama in fundraising and continues to lead him in polling, Obama's folks decided the moment has come to decide the issue.

* Here in Iowa, we are told that the famous (or infamous, if your name is Howard Dean) Iowa caucuses will be held in early January. If Obama is to be taken seriously as a contender for the Democratic nomination, he has to do well here. Very well here.

* As of now, according to the latest Gallup poll, Hillary, John Edwards and Obama are statistically tied in Iowa.

* So, yesterday, Obama made a pitch to the wing of the party by declaring, according to the Associate Press, he "called for ridding the world of nuclear weapons."

* Fairy tales can come true; it can happen to you !

* Again, according to the AP, Obama said:

"The best way to keep America safe is not to threaten terrorists with nuclear weapons - it's to keep nuclear weapons and nuclear materials away from terrorists. "

* Which is about like saying... actually, there is nothing to compare that to.

* Barack Obamba is stuck in the low 20's in the national polls. And the reason he has flatlined is because even anti-Iraq-war Democrats are not willing to turn over control over "the button" to someone like Barack.

Rich Galen

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