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Comments about meeting with anti-American dictators and launching an attack on Pakistan have eroded the support of even those anti-Hillary Democrats who otherwise agree with him on the war in Iraq.

While TV talking-heads keep saying this will be a “change election,” the flat-lining of Obama’s campaign since his lack of depth in foreign affairs has become a centerpiece of the Clinton campaign tells me that even Democrats understand we are a country at war.

That means … this is going to be a National Security election. Again.

In that Gallup poll Hillary leads Barack among those 55 years and older – the group most likely to vote – by a whopping 31 percentage points: 51-20.

Those AARP Democrats learned their politics during the turbulent 1960’s so they should be more willing than younger groups to listen and respond to Obama’s anti-war message, but they are clearly signaling they understand this is not the time for on-the-job training.

The Clinton campaign, of course, will not say this aloud, because her staff doesn’t want to get drowned in the Left wing blogatorium which is inhabited by young and very young Liberals who are likely to make a lot of noise in August, but not very likely to vote in January and February.

Clinton will pivot to a tough – very tough – foreign policy stance the second she has the nomination in sight because she knows this will be a National Security election.

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Rich Galen

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