Rich Galen

Rove is what every major political figure needs: A dedicated, loyal ally who has the ability to give unvarnished - and untarnished - advice.

Rove has performed that function for President Bush and for that he deserves full credit.

By the way, his name is spelled Karl ... with a "K." Disclosure Notice: I am a paid consultant to the Friends of Fred Thompson organization.

Speaking of names, the other day the Washington Post wasted valuable ink and paper on a column by one of its staff writers about the name "Fred." The whole thing was about how someone named "Fred" could not, and should not be elected President.

I believe we may have been through this before but let's take a look at Presidential names since World War II:

We have had a Franklin (who succeeded a Herbert), a Dwight (who defeated an Adlai twice) and a Lyndon (who defeated a Barry).

We have had a Harry (whose Vice President was an Alban) and a Dick (who was defeated by a John and who, in turn, went on to beat a Hubert).

We have had a Gerry who lost to a Jimmy who lost to a Ron before the first of the two Georges was beaten by a Bill.

Swallow your coffee before you read on. Ready?

The column was written by a woman named …


Rich Galen

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