Rich Galen

There are 30 Major League teams. Each has a roster (for most of the season) of 25 players. At any given time there are 750 players on Major League rosters.

To avoid making myself crazy, let's assume that the rosters are static for the entire season - meaning no one gets hurt, traded, retires, or thrown in jail.

Bonds is in his 21st season. Some 15,750 names have appeared on Major League rosters in those 21 years.

Only one has hit 73 home runs in a single season. Barry Bonds.

Only one has hit 756 home runs in his career. Same guy.

He may be a jerk. And he may have used steroids. But no one else - no matter what their personality nor their pharmacology - has done what Barry Bonds has done with a bat.

The Nationals won the game 8 - 6 and, as of this writing, are only nine games below .500 and are tied for fourth in the National League East.

Go Nats!

Rich Galen

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