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First, let's close the loop on my rant from Wednesday on the way the editorial page editor of the newspaper in Redding, California, Bruce Ross, ignored the lessons learned working on his high school paper and went on a tirade about me.

After several of you forwarded the column to him, I got this e-mail from Ross:

The rules are indeed a-changin' --- the errors I make in early-morning replies to a comment on a blog post are spread around to ensure I am duly embarrassed for not knowing what I am talking about.

I don't believe I ever saw your e-mail, so I apologize if I overlooked it. I'd look to say for the record that you were indeed quite right and I was wrong.

I will add that out here in remote small towns on the West Coast, we must get an earlier edition than you do in Virginia, because the sports coverage on Sunday is woefully old.

Which is pretty good as far as an aw-shucks-crapola answer goes, but a close reading involves an apology for misplacing my e-mail, not for having practiced a different (and lower) standard between the print and web editions.

I followed up with this:

And the $100 bet you lost? Please send same to a local charity in both our names.

To which he replied:

It's a deal.

So, if someone out there in Redding can keep track of this and let me know to which charity I have donated, I'll pass it along to everyone else.

Dear Mr. Mullings:

What ever happened to that rule which said "Don't argue with a guy who buys his ink by the barrel?"

Bruce Ross' High School Newspaper Advisor

It's been a-changed to: Don't argue with a guy who's got 35,000 names on his e-mail database and gets about 6,000 page views per day to his website.

Unless your name is Matt Drudge.

New Topic:

The level of confidence in the US Congress, according to a Gallup Poll, has dropped to 14-percent. That means that the only people who have any confidence in them are those who are:

Actual Members of the House or Senate,

Employed by, and/or related to, Members of the House or Senate, or

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