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While I was dealing with these important matters, the House Democrats were continuing to bow to the pressure from the Left Wing of their party by bringing a bill to the floor which would have required a total withdrawal from Iraq within nine months.

It lost by a wide margin, but Speaker Nancy Pelosi admitted that the Democratic leadership needed to give the Left Wingers a vote on that bill so they would vote for their latest version of an Iraq funding bill which passed 221-205.

The funding bill, which the President has threatened to veto, releases half the money immediately, but requires another vote late in July before deciding to release the other half.

Senate Democrats are publicly saying they are losing patience with their House colleagues exclusive focus on the war funding issue to the exclusion of any domestic agenda.

This is what happens when you become a wholly owned subsidiary of the extreme wing of your Party. The only difference between the current situation and the early days of Republican control of the House is: The press give a great deal of attention to the Christian Coaltion.

It is ignoring the dangerous influence of

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Rich Galen

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