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Yeah. Right. User-friendly. That means that for a small additional monthly fee you can have the read-out from the systems in the family fleet e-mailed to your desktop, thus allowing you keep track of how much driving your child … or your spouse … is doing.

Speaking of which, the WSJ article mentions concerns about the government being able to track. According to the guy in Oregon running this test, "We don't use the 'tracking' word here because it is inaccurate and upsets people who are worried about their privacy."

Anyone who has a cell phone which is turned on can already be tracked to within a few feet. Those EZ-PASS things that allow us to race through toll booths know where along the road we entered and where we are exiting, so your movements can be tracked that way.

Hold it! I have an excellent idea: The EZ-PASS system knows the distance between Entrance A and Exit B. And the device notes the time of each transaction for auditing purposes.

Distance divided by time equals rate.

If Entrance A is at mile post 30 and Exit B is at mile post 60 and the elapsed time is 25 minutes then you must have been traveling at an average of 72 miles per hour. If the posted speed limit is only 55 …

You want to talk about your revenue enhancers! I should work for the DMV.

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Rich Galen

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