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Wolfowitz has demanded the World Bank pay special attention to Africa and is respected amongst African leaders for so doing. For example, according to a Reuters report, the budget minister of the Republic of Congo "said on Friday that Wolfowitz had shown sensitivity for Africa's struggle against poverty" and "This is someone whom we've worked with well. He pays attention to African problems."

The reality is: There are a lot of people in Washington - politicians, policy wonks, and journalists - who despise Wolfowitz not because of his girlfriend, but because of what ever role he might have played in developing US Iraq policy.

The fact that the Bush Administration has not been willing or able to defend either Alberto Gonzales or Paul Wolfowitz speaks volumes as to why the President's approval ratings are mired in the 30's.

The Administration's opponents are permitted to have a two or three week head start on any negative story before anyone does anything to try and counter it.

The most egregious strategic example is the Administration having permitted the Worldwide War on Terror to be reduced to a slap-down political fight over street-by-street tactics in Baghdad.

Maybe the facts as laid out in the Post editorial have been well-known and widely reported to everyone, but that would surprise me.

Wolfowitz may decide he has to leave the World Bank, but if he does, the developing world will be the worse for it.

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Rich Galen

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