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However, according to the US Department of Transportation there are about 23 million cars registered in California - very nearly 10% of the total vehicles registered in the entire United States.

Memo to Governor Schwarzenegger: How about helping the Earth by setting a goal of cutting down the number of cars in your state by some reasonable percentage - say two percent - over the course of your current term.

That would be a reduction of nearly a half million cars. Of course, if he signed a bill like that into law the "Recall Arnold" movement would make the successful "Recall Grey Davis" movement look like a 1960's Flower-Power Festival.

USA Today ran an AP piece, which was 20 paragraphs long, by reporter Eliane Engeler, in which the evils which will befall Europe were recounted in grisly detail.

You had to read to the 18th graf to get to the fact that Martin Beniston, a University of Geneva professor said, "Europe is relatively well equipped to deal with the effects."

So, no need to panic, just yet.

Point of Personal Privilege:

On Saturday morning I was supposed to appear on a panel at American University. I did not. I wish I could claim I was busy feeding the homeless or engaged in a top secret meeting on the war on terror, but the fact is, I overslept and I apologize.

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