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Here's what I think about Global Warming:

In my experience, any time every "expert" has agreed on anything, that anything later turns out not just to be wrong, but 180°wrong.

Whether the Earth is warming because we are a little closer to the sun, or the tilt has changed by a degree or two, or because the Earth is going through a phase we don't understand and can't measure - or because we are spewing billions of tons of junk into the sky; it still seems to me that it is a good idea to cut down on carbon-based emissions. Where's the harm in that?

It is easy to poke fun at the Global Warming Nazis if only because they so richly deserve it:

Hollywood stars demand the Bush Administration agree to the Kyoto standards (which even the experts say won't do any good) and then take off in their two-block-long limousines enroute to the general aviation terminal of LAX where they hop onto their private jet to fly, avoiding the teeming masses in the regular terminals, to the 175 foot yacht on which they are going to spend the weekend burning about a gallon of fuel per foot while tossing cigarette butts into the water every 15 minutes.

Groups like the Union of Concerned Scientists use markedly unscientific scare tatics to make their point. From the Concened Scientists website about the heat trapped in the oceans:

For a hypothetical example, if the average temperature of the world's oceans increased by 0.18 degree Fahrenheit (0.1 degree Celsius) and this heat was transferred instantly to the atmosphere, the air temperature would increase by about 180 degrees Fahrenheit (100 degrees Celsius).

Which no scientist would ever allow to be printed in a real, peer-reviewed journal, because in the next sentence they write: In reality, the circulation and redistribution of this excess heat is a slow process.

So, Soylent Green is still just a movie.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has become the Poster Boy of Green. Last week he appeared in New York City to talk about the progress California has made in the greenhouse gas arena.

According to an article in the New York Sun on a Schwarzenegger appearance at a meeting of the Council on Foreign Relations, reporter Juliet Lapidos wrote:

Oil industry executives have long argued that global warming measures could cripple the economy, but Mr. Schwarzenegger said he had seen no evidence of economic decline. In the past three years, he said, California added approximately 850,000 jobs and has become a hub for new "clean green" high-tech companies. Green technology, he said, is the "new Silicon Valley."

Rich Galen

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