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That's fine with me. Business is business. If NBC and CBS believe that taking Imus on the air will cost them too much in advertising revenue and good-will, they should fire him.

I also didn't have a problem with US radio stations refusing to play Dixie Chicks' music - or country music fans refusing to pay to see them in person - after they 'dissed President Bush at a concert in England.

Imus, by the way, played Dixie Chicks' songs on his RADIO PROGRAM when many others would not. That was Imus' right. I exercised my right by switching to one of the sports stations whenever he did that.

Don Imus, and his posse, will not be out of work for more than a couple of weeks. Satellite radio companies Sirius and XM are in merger talks. The CEO of the combined group is likely to be a guy named Mel Karmazin. Karmazin and Imus go back a long way. Imus will be the "next big thing" in satellite radio when he is hired by Karmazin.

I wouldn't buy a satellite radio receiver to listen to Howard Stern and Nationals Baseball games when they (and I) am out of town; but I might if I can listen to Imus and the Nats.

Final thought on all this: The Rutgers Women's Basketball team is, paradoxically, the big winner. Everyone will remember them as the runners-up in the 2007 Women's NCAA Basketball Tournament.

Who remembers the 2006 runner-up in the Women's tournament? Anyone?

It was … Duke.

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Rich Galen

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