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Another quantum theory logic-defying question is: If Hillary has raised $27 million, why is she barely in the mid-thirty's in the polls meaning something like two-thirds of Democrats still looking for someone else?

John Edwards - the forgotten man in all of this until 10 days ago - raised about $14 million which, in other cycles would have been eye-popping, but in this cycle put in him the back of the pack with Giuliani and McCain.

Assuming Obama comes in at about Romney numbers - $20 million - that campaign will have to demonstrate that he has the political as well as the fundraising power - to draft in behind Hillary through the summer months.

The Clintonian theory of politics is: Never let an opponent get a toehold but if he/she does, blow up the side of the mountain.

The final bit of logic-defying data which came from the first quarter reports is this: The Big Six Candidates while have, as a group, raised over $100 million in the first quarter.

Nevertheless, in both parties - Gingrich/Thompson on the R side and Al Gore on the D side - are sitting in third place on the heels of the front-runners, having yet to raise a single dime.

You tell me what it all means.

On a the Secret Decoder Ring page today: A link to the AP piece about Romney and a NY Times piece about Obama. Also from the NY Times the Mullfoto is of the funniest correction I have read in a long, long, time. Also a Catchy Caption of the Day which makes fun of the French. ALL THAT PLUS - A GREAT edition of Dear Mr. Mullings. New Today!

Rich Galen

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