Rich Galen

Sunday night, Al got a good deal of attention when he joked about a potential candidacy while accepting the Academy Award for best documentary so he was put back into the "potential candidate" category" which he knew perfectly well would happen.

Don't be surprised if both Edwards and Mitt make some moves over the next few days to bolster their standing, if not in the polls, then in the media.

They have been the forgotten names in all this, and they can't afford - to switch a NASCAR metaphor - to allow the candidates in the lead pack to get out of drafting range.

In fact, Mitt, in New Hampshire, took out after both McCain and Rudy just yesterday. The AP's Glen Johnson lead his coverage on Mitt's visit thus: Republican Mitt Romney assailed his two leading presidential rivals Wednesday, criticizing John McCain's stance on immigration and dismissing Rudy Giuliani's support for gun control, abortion and gay rights as a losing combination in the GOP primary.

Texas Hold 'em. Not Solitaire.

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Rich Galen

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