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• Also, a week before that, Al Gore spoke in Idaho. According to one account, he was to speak at a relatively small venue which sold out in about 20 minutes. So they moved the event to Boise State University. According to Ben Goddard writing in “The Hill” newspaper, Gore “sold out a 10,000-seat auditorium faster than Bruce Springsteen’s last concert there. People were actually scalping tickets in the parking lot to hear a politician talk about global warming.”

• So, if Hillary begins to fade – as I think she will – then the “who-can-beat-Hillary” contest on the GOP side begins to fade in direct ratio.

• If Obama is the anti-war Democrat, and Gore is the anti-warming Democrat that would appear to leave a huge lane for a national security Republican to run in.

• Who does the end of the Hillary campaign help most among Republican candidates? Rudy Giuliani.

• I know Giuliani is on the wrong side of gay rights and on the wrong side of gun rights and on the wrong side of immigration and on the wrong side of just about every other social issue you can think of, but if this comes down to an Obama “Cut-and-Run” campaign or a Gore “Save-the-Glaciers” campaign versus a “I’m-Strongest-on-National-Security” campaign, I believe that helps Rudy in the Republican primaries.

• Prince. Maybe Obama should adopt “When Doves Cry” as his campaign anthem.

• On the Secret Decoder Ring page today: Links to the Obama and Gore appearances and the Prince tune. Also a Mullfoto which intrigued me and an anti-French Catchy Caption of the Day.

Rich Galen

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