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Finally, from this one edition of Roll Call, the story about the fact that some of those anti-war thugs who demonstrated in Your Nation's Capitol on Sunday went up to Capitol Hill and spray painted "anarchist slogans" on the Capitol steps.

No arrests were made by the Capitol Police.

Just to review the bidding, the Capitol cops are under the direct control of the Speaker and the Senate Majority leader.

The cops are not to blame for this outrage. Their labor committee chairman wrote that his officers "were upset that some of the weekend's demonstrators were allowed to deface the Capitol … and no arrests were made. "But," he wrote "we must follow the orders of our officials even when we may disagree with such orders."

Who issued the orders that no arrests for spray painting the Capitol were to be made?

Speaker Nancy Pelosi? Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid?

How about a field hearing - not in New Orleans - but in the plaza outside the Capitol building. MY Capitol building. YOUR Capitol building.

What do you think would have happened if some Right-to-Life marchers, a few days earlier, had spray-painted slogans on the Capitol?

Right. They'd be sitting in the District of Columbia cooler even as we speak.

The Democrats are in charge. How's it working out so far?

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Rich Galen

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