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Sometimes MULLINGS just writes itself. Today's edition comes directly - and solely - from Roll Call which bills itself as "The Newspaper of Capitol Hill."

One of the two Senators from Louisiana is a woman named Mary Landrieu. The Landrieus are a long-standing political family in Louisiana and Mary evidently got thrown into the shallow end of the gene pool.

The other day she said, at a "field hearing" on rebuilding in New Orleans "I often think we would have been better off if the terrorists had blown up our levees. Maybe we'd have gotten more attention."

BILLIONS of Federal dollars have been made available for the rebuilding of New Orleans. It is not the failure of the Bush Administration; it is the failure of the nearly incomprehensible incompetence of the Mayor and the Governor who are holding up BILLIONS of Federal dollars. "BILLIONS," as the late Carl Sagan loved to say, "and BILLIONS."

In an act of family solidarity Senator Landrieu (whose brother is the Lt. Governor), said that Louisiana isn't nearly as corrupt as most of us think.

According to Roll Call reporter Ben Pershing's report, Senator Landrieu complained that Louisiana isn't nearly as corrupt as the rest of us think it is. "Mississippi is actually the most corrupt state in the union," she said.

It seems that some organization named "The Corrupt Crime Reporter" decided that Mississippi was, in fact, the most corrupt state, with Louisiana coming in a dismal third.

Which state, you might well ask, came in as the second most corrupt? New Jersey perhaps? California? New York? Nah.

North Dakota.

Whoa! Check please.

North Dakota? What were the criteria? Speeding tickets not paid on time? Garbage cans not taken in after pick up on Thursdays?

North Dakota?

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Quick: Without Googling the answer, what's the capitol of North Dakota?End Nano Sidebar

So, Mary Landrieu is full of it. Louisiana is the most corrupt state in the union, on the continent, in the hemisphere, on the planet, in the Solar System. She and her brother and Mayor Nagin and Governor Blanco are all part of it.

Ok. That's not all. Pershing's very next item - keeping in mind the corruption of Louisiana business - is about the office of Louisiana Congressman William (I-Always-Keep-Ninety-Grand-In-My- Freezer-Just-In-Case-The-Dominos-Pizza-Guy-Gets-There-Early) Jefferson.

No corruption there.

Anyway it seems that the woman who is the "communications director and senior policy advisor" to Jefferson is leaving his employ. To do what? To be the press secretary to the House Judiciary Committee.

I'm tellin' ya.

Rich Galen

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