Rich Galen

Imagine the wailing and keening of the national press corps if a senior Republican had said either of those things during the reign of Bill Clinton. Every person who had every donated to the Republican party would have been required to answer for them.

The crop of candidates running for the Democratic nomination in 2008 all supported Gore in 2000 and Kerry in 2004.

The US press corps should, at a minimum, ask Clinton, Obama, Biden, and the rest of them if they agree with Kerry and Gore.

If the Democratic candidates do anything less than condemn their former standard-bearers, then they are guilty of agreeing with the slander.

On a sad and personal note, the Washington bureau chief of the NY Post, Deborah Orin, died yesterday of stomach cancer at the age of 59.

Deb was never a favorite of the Washington press corps because - in spite of having graduated from Harvard, and studying at the Sorbonne - she never intellectually ran with the crowd.

She was a tenacious reporter and political coverage in America will be diminished by her passing.

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Rich Galen

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