Rich Galen

What this meeting is designed to do is, not so much getting the GOP Members to agree on what America should look like in 2020; but to get them thinking about what sort of America is worthwhile fighting for.

That's a lot bigger than commas and semicolons.

New Topic:

Some of the discussion hear yesterday was about John Kerry's rambling - nearly incomprehensible - speech from the Senate floor announcing he was not going to be a candidate for President in 2008.

I was personally devastated. I need to write three days a week and I was looking for Kerry to provide plenty of content.

Mullpal and pollster Dave Winston suggested I write about Kerry just as if he were still in the race: "If John Kerry had been in Iowa today he would have …"

Excellent idea. Let's all of us invent a Presidential candidate and run his or her campaign right here in Mullings.

First assignment: Male or female?

On the Secret Decoder Ring page today: A link to the Wikipedia listing of all the current members of the US House and Senate; a Mullfoto out the back window of this hotel; and a Catchy Caption of the Day which will make some of you smile.

Rich Galen

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