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Small insects are susceptible to desiccation, or drying, because they have a high surface area-to-volume ratio. When lice become dehydrated, they die. Researchers used this idea to develop the LouseBuster, a hairdryer-like device that kills lice using hot air.

I can't wait for that guy who shouts at me to buy OXYCLEAN to scream during commercial breaks in Law & Order reruns that my life will definitely change for the better if I call right now and order my LOUSEBUSTER.


It's not just Britany Spears, but now Jennifer Aniston is available as well. It seems that Aniston and some guy named Vince Vaughn (yeah, right) were an item but now they're not. According to the International Herald Tribune (for which, apparently, it was a slow news day):

Aniston, 37, a star of the former "Friends" television series, took up with Vaughn, 36, who starred in the film "The Wedding Crashers," after splitting with her husband, Brad Pitt.

See? While you were wasting your time reading the Baker-Hamilton report, the Jennster and the Vinster were breaking up.

2007 can't come soon enough.

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