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-- Publicly told Kofi Annan's deputy he was, in essence, a dope. That dope said, when informed of Bolton's resignation: "No comment - and you can say he said it with a smile."

  • To show you what kind of idiocy Bolton had to deal with on a daily basis, the AP quotes the ambassador from Tanzania as saying: "Bolton's approach 'sometimes abrasive' and 'too rigid,' provoked 'unnecessary controversies' and made compromise and consensus difficult."
  • First of all, I knew that Tanzania was in Africa but I had to Google it to find out where.
  • Second, Tanzania is, according to the CIA factbook: "one of the poorest countries in the world."
  • Third, Tanzania shares a border with Rwanda which is best known for the 100 days in 1994 when somewhere between 800,000 and 1.1 million inhabitants were killed. There is no reference to the geniuses in Tanzania lifting a finger to try and stop the violence.
  • Maybe the representative of Tanzania, rather than criticizing Bolton, would have better spent his time trying to rally his African colleagues to do a somewhat better job in Darfur than they did in Rwanda.
  • Yeah. Right. As soon as they finish cocktails on the terrace overlooking the East River in Manhattan.
  • According to the United Nations Encyclopedia, the United States pays 22% of the total U.N. budget - Out of every $100 spent, you and I pay $22.
  • Tanzania pays .004 percent of the total U.N. budget - out of every $100 spent, Tanzania pays 40 CENTS.
  • John Bolton will go off and make a ton of money on the speaking circuit and writing books about his time in the United Nations.
  • The United Nations will go back to being the bloated, corrupt, largely useless organization Bolton tried to fix.
  • The new Democratic Senate will have to answer for that.
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Rich Galen

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