Rich Galen

Jim Webb thinks he won the election for Senator from Virginia. He is wrong. Webb got more votes and will be sworn in on January 3, 2007 but he didn't win that election. George Allen lost the election.

I didn't vote for Webb. I voted for Allen. I may have mentioned this before but when it comes to voting, all things being equal, I vote for the Republican. And, when it comes to voting, all things are always equal.

We have spoken before out the largely fictional "good old days" when Senators battled on the floor and in Committee all day and then shared a bourbon and branch water after dark. Those are the glory days the national press corps pines for.

I wonder how the national press would have responded to a Republican being publicly ugly to, say, Bill Clinton, at a White House Christmas reception.

I don't wonder about that at all. He would have been held up as an example of everything which is wrong with the spiteful GOP.

My Senator Jim Webb. How embarrassing.

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Rich Galen

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