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Hastings was acquitted because his alleged co-conspirator refused to testify and went to the slam for it. The same guy refused to testify at Hastings' Senate trial and was jailed again.

Another reason I love Washington: The guy, William Bordon, was pardoned by Bill Clinton on the last day of his Presidency.

In 1992, Hastings ran for, and was elected to, the very same Democratically controlled House of Representatives which had impeached him.

Pelosium had already caused some hard feelings among her Democratic colleagues by backing the ethically challenged Jack Murtha (D-PA) for Majority Leader. Columnist Ruth Marcus, writing in the Washington Post called Murtha a "a one-man earmarking factory whose beneficiaries have included a lobbying firm that employed his brother and another founded by a former top aide."

After being squashed on her Murtha ploy, Pelosium was staring down the barrel of having to pay off the political debt she owed to the Black Caucus over the Jefferson matter by appointing an impeached and removed former Federal Judge to head the Intelligence Committee.

The other day Pelosium called Hastings into her office and told him that he was not going to be the Chairman of House Intel because … well … you know.

The word on the Hill is she is leaning toward Texas Democrat Rep. Sylvester Reyes to head the Committee. Reyes is Hispanic.

Follow the bouncing ion: Pelosium dumps a woman, then a member of the Black Caucus in favor of a Hispanic male to head the Intelligence Committee.

This being in the majority business isn't as easy as it looks, huh?

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