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But, with the advent of computerization in the redistricting business, two incumbents might well get together and trade two houses on the north side of a street who vote Democrat, for two families on the south side of the same street who vote Republican.

He musta just forgot where he heard that.

  • Third, there is that Karl Rove-Ken Mehlman turnout operation which might well make the difference in enough races to keep the GOP in power.

  • Let's say overall turnout is about where it was in the last mid-term election: About 74 million voters.

  • Divide that by 435 races and you have about 170,000 per race - in close races about 85,000 per candidate.

  • If the GOP turnout operation turns out 2,000 people who might not otherwise have voted, you might have a number of Republican candidates who win by 750 votes, instead of having lost by 1,250.

  • I still believe a large number of voters will go to the polls solely on this basis: "I don't like the guys who are running things now; but I don't trust the guys who will take over if the Democrats win."

  • That might be winning ugly; but it will still be better than losing.

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