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Wilson was then asked to go to the White House and join the National Security Council Staff as Director of European Defense Policy and Arms Control. Dr. Wilson told me that Dr. Condoleezza Rice was her peer at the NSC but "she was, clearly, first among equals."

  • But none of that is what qualifies her as a great Member of Congress.

  • This is: She met and married a man, Jay, now a full Colonel in the Air Force Reserve. She walked out of the White House, and away from a career which certainly had put her on the fast track to influence - if not fame and fortune - to move with her new husband to New Mexico.

  • Jay and Heather adopted a child who is now an adult and had two of their own - a son 13 and a daughter 9.

  • When you get to be - how best to put this? - of a certain age, it takes about a millisecond to decide whether or not a kid is a spoiled brat; half of a millisecond - which is the definition of a New York minute.

  • I had dinner with them - Heather, Jay and the children - after the political event Wednesday night.

  • Forget being a former Air Force Officer, a former Rhodes Scholar, a former NATO negotiator, or being a former White House NSC staffer.

  • These two kids were polite, engaged, and appeared to be the happy beneficiaries of well-grounded and loving parents.

  • For Representative Heather Wilson, Washington is, and always has been, the office. New Mexico, since she left to start a family, has always been home.

  • How differently someone must view the world if the center of their world is not the House in Washington, but her house in New Mexico.

  • Knowing that difference is what makes Heather Wilson so highly qualified to serve in Congress.

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