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  • The Lad was a Page back in the early 90's. He told me that female pages were specifically warned to stay away from certain Member of Congress who is no longer in office.
  • Here's what should happen. Tomorrow: Speaker Hastert should contact Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and ask her to appoint three senior Democratic Members of the House to match the three senior Republican Members of the House that Majority Leader Boehner will appoint.
  • Their task? Spend the time between now and January, when the new Congress opens, coming up with an outline for a new code of conduct for Members and their staffs.
  • It should be a code of conduct which is on the other side of onerous. Well on the other side of onerous. It should make it clear that MEMBERS OF CONGRESS SHOULD ACT LIKE ADULTS - in their personal dealings as well as in their professional dealings.
  • The new code of conduct should make Members of Congress think twice about whether it's even worth spending 75 years of their life as Members of Congress or whether, once they have served their constituents for 10-or-so years, they should return to the life the rest of us lead.
  • This won't happen, of course. First, I'm not certain there are six Members of Congress who can - or will - put politics aside even for three months. Second, the other 429 voting Members of the club will never approve a set of rules which requires them to give up the perquisites of office which they believe they so richly deserve.
  • More's the pity.
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