Rich Galen

  • A Gold Star in the Sunday Morning News Program business is to be the topic of conversation on the MONDAY morning news programs. Using that as the benchmark, Chris Wallace's Fox Sunday show was a smash hit.
  • Which is what we thought Wild Bill Clinton was going to do to Wallace with that eye-bulging, neck-vein-popping, finger-pointing tirade which lacked only a scream at the end to equal the satisfaction we get when we listen to the Ride of the Valkyries finish in a ear-bursting, cymbal-clashing major chord.
  • Dear Mr. Mullings:

    That will be quite enough.


    Miss Hohman

    Your 7&8 Grade Clarinet Teacher (would it have killed you to have practiced once in a while?)

  • If Hillary Clinton runs for, and secures, the Democratic nomination for President, that performance will certainly weigh heavily on voters' minds.
  • Everyone in this class who believes that Bill Clinton would sit quietly in the East Wing pondering seating charts and menus for State Dinners, please raise your hands.
  • To quote Ben Stein's most famous line: Anyone? Anyone?

    From the WEST WING Office of President Clinton (42)

    Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2009

    TO: The White House Senior Staff

    I thought it would be helpful to y'all if you understood the roles and duties that Hillary and I will be fulfilling for the next eight years.

    1. Domestic Policy. Hillary will take the lead on this, especially on health care along with the Secretary-designate of HHS, Newt Gingrich.

    2. Foreign Policy. I'm going to say this only one time: I don't want any major foreign policy decisions being made public without having them first approved by me.

    3. In fact, that goes for domestic policy decisions, too. Especially if it's something Secretary-designate Gingrich thinks is a good idea.

    4. I also don't want to hear anyone in this Administration referring to me as anything other than "President Clinton." I don't want any of that "First Spouse" or "First Husband" or even "First Man" - especially not "First Man" - business.

    5. If absolutely necessary, it will be acceptable to refer to me as "President Clinton (42)" as opposed to Hillary who is the 44th President of the United States.

    6. However, do not use the "President Clinton (42)" construct with abandon. I don't want to hear anyone saying that such-and-so needs to get done because "President Clinton (42)" asked for it. A simple "President Clinton asked for it" will do.

    Rich Galen

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