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  • But, no matter. If you max out on one card, just return the pre-printed form you got in the mail yesterday and another $2,500 to $5,000 in free money becomes available today for you to buy whatever decide you want tomorrow.
  • And for those who couldn't wait to score big in the housing boom:
  • "Among the most exposed are those who bought into one of the great fads in mortgage lending in recent years - adjustable rates - [which are] scheduled to readjust to a higher interest rate for the first time…"

  • Want a bigger house right now? No problem. We have a whole array of esoteric mortgage products available for you.
  • Of course, you are betting on interest rates remaining low and resale prices remaining high. If you lose the bet on either one, you may also lose your house.
  • Those who have lost the bet will try to unload the house they can't (and never could) afford driving housing prices below what the banks have lent, causing a national mortgage margin call which will lead to more houses being dumped on the market which will then lead to … a call for the federal government to bail out everyone whose every expectation was not immediately met.
  • Robert Browning wrote in 1855: "Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for?"
  • The problem with Americans is we expect our reach, should it exceed our grasp (thus creating an expectation gap), to be met by our government; not by a hand up, but by a handout.
  • On the Secret Decoder Ring Page today: Links to the Washington Post piece and to the poem by Robert Browning (which, if you attempt to read you will certainly turn to stone); plus a darkly Metaphorical Mullfoto; and the worst pun in the past 2,000 years as the Catchy Caption of the Day.

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