Rich Galen

Ray Nagin not only didn't direct rescue and recovery operations, he was found hiding out in the Hyatt, fearful that his constituents, the residents of New Orleans, would storm the place and lynch him.

"Brownie," who had already decided he was leaving FEMA to go into the private sector, was more worried about how his performance would influence the job offers he'd already received than how his agency was performing.

I did Hannity & Colmes on Friday night to discuss Mayor Nagin's stupid crack that the lack of progress in New Orleans was no different than the "hole in the ground" which is how he described the remnants of the attack on the World Trade Center buildings.

I said that everyone knows Nagin is a dope. But when he says things like that - and says things like New Orleans continuing to be a "chocolate city" - the rest of the country thinks he is not a serious guy and think that enough money has been spent on rebuilding a city which (a) has done nothing to help itself at all and (b) is being run by people who are goofballs.

Katrina demonstrated the best and worst in people. Unfortunately, the worst were the people in charge.

The best were the people who's names we will never know.

Rich Galen

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