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  • And there is no cure for a cold other than to (a) try to stay as comfortable as possible and (b) try not to give it to everyone in your office.

  • The National Institutes of Health have a fact sheet which calls for: bed rest, plenty of fluids, a fever reducer, a little something for a raw nose, and a little something else for a scratchy throat.

  • My grandma had better advise than this. In fact another NIH web page suggests:
    "Chicken soup has been used for treating common colds at least since the 12th century. It may really help. The heat, fluid, and salt may help you fight the infection."

  • The web page has a list of drugs and compounds which sound like they should be used to knock out Bubonic Plague more than a common cold, but that's what keeps over-the-counter drug companies in business.

  • The final word on colds - treated or untreated - is this:
    "The symptoms usually go away in 7 to 10 days."

  • New Topic: August Recess.

  • Last August I cut Mullings down from three days a week to two with the excuse that I was writing a book.

  • I lied.

  • I didn't write so much as a Christmas card. And I'm not going to do it this year, either.

  • I have an idea, though. Inasmuch as there is one of me and about 30,000 of you; why not go to the Mullings Archives and pick out your one or two (not ten or twelve) favorite columns (or Travelogues) and send me an e-mail with your picks?

  • I'm still only going to write two columns a week until Labor Day, though.

    Oh. THERE's the Delete key. Now I find it.

  • On the Secret Decoder Ring Page today: Links to all the cold info referred to above, a link to the MULLINGS ARCHIVES, a nice Mullfoto from earlier in the week, and a Catchy Caption of the day.

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