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  • So it may be that the world has never been a safe place to be. Humans have been attacking humans since before there WERE humans. Mel Brooks once said that national anthems were invited by some guy who walked outside and sang: "My cave is better than your cave."

  • Humans are herd animals largely to (as our very own Constitution states in its preamble) "provide for the common defense."

  • Clans and tribes, provided safety and food to their members. As societies advanced, the need for more sophisticated defenses led to the medieval concept of the Lord of the Manor trading labor in his fields for protection against one marauding horde or another.

  • The manors accreted into city-states, then into the nations which have largely described our capacity to make war for the past three hundred-or-so years.

  • The world, in the eyes of the Neanderthals trying to make a living along the edges of the ice sheet, was a fairly limited, but very dangerous, place.

  • The world, in the eyes of those of us who awake to reports by journalists using satellite phones and the internet, is two hemispheres, five oceans, and seven continents.

  • And, some 10,000 years later, it is still a very dangerous place.

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