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  • Sometimes you just want to pull the covers up over your head and go back to sleep. Let's take a look at some non-threatening things which have caught my attention recently.

  • Headlines We Live For. From the website a few days before the Shuttle Discovery returned to Florida:

    NASA Clears Discovery's Left Wing for Landing, Rest of Shuttle to Follow
    HOUSTON - Shuttle managers cleared the Discovery orbiter's left wing for landing Saturday, with the rest of the orbiter expected to follow after a late-night analysis by engineers and flight controllers.

  • Apparently, NASA changed its mind and decided to have the left wing land at approximately the same time as the rest of the vehicle.

  • From, this listing from a budding entrepreneur:
    I am offering a one of a kind ad chance. Post your ad on my wheelchair for six months. I am not a shut-in. I go to bars at least twice a week out to lunch every day and the movies once a week. I have tried to sell this ad on ebay without much luck so I'm posting it here to see what people offer.

  • Not much luck on eBay, huh? Maybe you're aiming too high. Let's think this through…

  • Ok. I've got it. You should start by charging people to write short "in search ofs" on leg casts with a Sharpie and work your way up to a plasma screen mounted to the back of your wheelchair showing ads in full motion video.

  • Remember that business last week about how the only thing I know about Cricket is a thing called a Leg Before Wicket foul? A number of you wrote to tell me that if I really knew what I was talking about I would call it an "LBW."

  • Oh, yeah? Well get a load of this from the website:

    England Sets Pakistan 380 Target to Win Opening Cricket Test
    England declared its second innings on 296-8 on the final morning of the opening Test, setting Pakistan 380 to win at Lord's in London. Salman Butt was dismissed with the first ball of the run chase.

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