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  • For this result to have had positive ramifications for the Democrats nationally, Busby needed to exceed that mid-40's barrier. But,
  • In a year when Democrat candidates for Congress have been counting on the "culture of corruption" charge to resonate against Republicans;

  • In a district where the seat was open specifically because the former incumbent is in the jug;

  • On a day when there was effectively no primary contest for Governor on the GOP side, and a huge, bitter, intense fight on the Democratic side (thus driving up turnout among Dems, but not giving Republicans any additional reason to give up a coffee break to vote);
  • The Democratic candidate for Congress only got the percentage of the vote which was "right in line with past efforts."

  • Rothenberg's summary:
    "Busby's inability to expand her vote, and GOP voters' apparent unwillingness to vote Democratic, does raise questions about whether Democrats can win in Republican-leaning districts."

  • Immigration, not corruption, was the major issue in California 50. San Diego is on the other side of the Mexican border from Tijuana and Bilbray made no secret about his position which, according to the Washington Times' Joseph Curl, "mirrors the House bill which would reject any sort of amnesty for illegal aliens."

  • According to Curl's piece:
    "Conservatives, including potential Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich [emphasis, mine] called the election a clear repudiation of the Senate bill."

  • New Topic:

  • Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and, according to the Arab News, "seven other top insurgents were killed in [a] Wednesday evening raid, a joint US-Jordanian operation."

  • Good.

  • On the Secret Decoder Ring today: Links to the Stuart Rothenberg piece, the Washington Times article and the coverage in the Arab News on the al-Zarqawi mission. Plus a Mullfoto and a topic-appropriate Catchy Caption of the Day.

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