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  • Next, we return to the Wayback Machine to that same column in which I wrote:
    After we've solved the problem of protecting nearly 6,000 miles of land crossings (which doesn't include Alaska) we can begin to solve the issue of dealing with the 11,323 miles of coastline which doesn't include Alaska or Hawaii.

  • The notion of bad guys using unprotected beaches to paddle into our country is nothing new. About 718 World War II movies had that as a plot line. But the threat is very real. And not just in North America.

  • According to the International Herald Tribune,
    "[The] European Union decided to deploy planes, boats and rapid reaction aid teams from eight nations to ward off the flow of migrants, almost entirely young black men who set off in wooden boats from the western coast of Africa."

  • The report goes on to say that a common jumping off point is Senegal, 900 miles away and is caused by - see if this sounds familiar - a lack of economic opportunities in West African states.

  • According to an EU demographer, "the possibility of a mass exodus [into Europe] if the African states fail to absorb their rapidly increasing working age population should not be ruled out."

  • If unemployed African men can find their way into Europe, how long will it take for African men who have been "inspired by al-Qaeda" to hide amongst them in the flotillas?

  • The amount of time and attention being paid to the US-Mexican border may, in fact, be blinding us to the very real threats we face from the other tens of thousands of miles of unprotected borders through which terrorist wishing us harm can slip in.

  • On the Secret Decoder Ring today: Many, many links to all of the research cited in the column. Plus a Mullfoto which helps explain the sorry state of our passenger railroad system, and a Catchy Caption of the Day.

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