Rich Galen

Department of the Army

To: PFC Galen, Richard A.
Service Number: NG21801329
RE: Deployment
FR: Department of the Army

1. By order of the Commander-in-Chief you are hereby ordered to active duty for a period not to exceed 360 days.

2. You will report to Ft. Belvoir, Virginia NTL 0830 1 JUN 2006.

3. At the induction center there will be two lines:

A. Service Members in one line will be sent to Fallujah to participate in Operation Iraqi Freedom
B. Service Members in the other line will be sent to San Diego to participate in Operation Burrito Blockade

4. Upon arrival you may choose either Line.

A. Once having chosen a line, you will not be permitted to change to another line.
B. The lines will not be marked.

5. Service Members whose line is designated for deployment to Iraq will be issued:

  • One each Helmet, Kevlar
  • One pair boots, desert, combat
  • Two sets blouse and pants, camouflage, desert
  • One each jacket, armor, body
  • One each M-16 rifle
  • [Assorted other items suitable for desert warfare]
  • 6. Service Members whose line is designated for deployment to San Diego will be issued:

  • One each cap, baseball, Buffett, Jimmy
  • One pair sandals, flop, flip
  • Two sets blouse and shorts, flowered, Hawaiian
  • One each jacket, dinner, Steakhouse, Outback
  • One each pistol, water, squirt, super
  • [Assorted other items suitable for border patrol]
  • Ok. You get it. As a former member of the New Jersey and Ohio National Guard I believe I would be able to detect a difference between deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan, and deployment to the Mexican border at San Diego, California or El Paso, Texas.

  • Following the President's speech on Monday night, the opponents couldn't get in front of cameras quickly enough to find fault. A principal talking point issued by the Democratic National Committee was that the National Guard is already stretched so far that there are simply no Guard troops available for this duty.

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