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  • There is absolutely nothing like that rampant in the heartland. Not even in what the Democrats consider to be ground zero for their electoral gains in November: Ohio.

  • The New York Times sent reporters Adam Nagourney and Ian Irbina out to Columbus to see what is what.

  • Ohio's Governor Bob Taft is sitting at about 17% in the polls.

    SIDEBAR I believe I have been quoted saying that Bob Taft and French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin are the only two politicians in the world who wish they had George W. Bush's numbers.

    I have nothing against Taft, but I take great delight in following the collapse of de Villepin's career after he lied to then-Secretary of State Colin Powell about France's support for a UN resolution on Iraq.


  • Ohio is central to the Democrats' hope of taking over the US Senate. However, as the NY Times reporters wrote yesterday that following the primaries last week, "party officials and analysts said one of the Democrats' most alluring targets, Senator Mike DeWine, seemed less vulnerable than he had earlier this year."

  • That is largely because he will be opposed by Democratic Congressman Sherrod Brown who, according to the NYT, "supports abortion rights, opposed the constitutional amendment prohibiting same-sex marriage and voted against the war in Iraq."

  • On the House side, Democratic hopes of taking the seat held by US Rep. Bob Ney (who has been implicated in the lobbying scandals) "were set back when the Democrats' favored candidate … lost to a lesser-known and politically inexperienced challenger..."

  • On the Gubernatorial front, Secretary of State Ken Blackwell won the GOP primary which caused the Ohio Democratic chairman to say the race to replace Taft "could prove tougher than many Washington Democrats think."

  • There it is: What people in the real world think is very, very different from what those of us in Washington think.

  • If the Democrats can't sweep Ohio, it is difficult to see how they can take control of either the House or the Senate.

  • No matter what the polls say.

  • On a the Secret Decoder Ring page today: A link to the NY Times piece, the etymology of "of the first water," a link to the Clerk of the House web page showing which party had how many seats going all the way back to 1789; a Mullfoto from my trip to Paris last month, and another ugly animal Catchy Caption of the Day.

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