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  • Second Democrat Acting Badly

  • Democratic Congressman Patrick Kennedy of Rhode Island was aggressively not arrested the other night when he narrowly missed hitting a police cruiser on Capitol Hill but successfully ran his car into a security barricade, staggered out of the car, announced he was a Member of Congress, and said he "was late for a vote."

  • At a quarter to three in the morning. Three hours after the House had adjourned for the night.

  • According to the Capitol Police union, two Capitol Police sergeants arrived and "ordered the patrol officers away from the scene" before a field sobriety test could be administered and DROVE HIM HOME.

  • I think we can safely assume that the Capitol cops made the connection that Patrick Kennedy is the son of Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts.

  • Kennedy said he had consumed no alcohol prior to the incident, but several hours later his staff issued a statement saying he had "taken sleep medication and a prescription anti-nausea drug that can cause drowsiness."

  • I noted on Hannity & Colmes last night that if this were an isolated event, there was be some finger wagging and chest thumping but that would be it.

  • However, about six weeks ago Democratic Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney was accused to slugging another member of the crack Capitol Hill police force.

  • She was not driven home. In fact, a federal grand jury has been looking into the matter.

  • So we have a Black Congresswoman from Georgia facing a federal rap for rapping a cop. And we have a White Congressman from Rhode Island having his hair ruffled and tucked in.

  • I further said that if the White Congressman from the Northeast had been a Republican, "Al Sharpton would have been here all day."

  • That's why I'm feeling badly for the Congressional Democrats this morning.

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